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Availability date: 2018-12-14
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ANYTONE AT-D878UV PLUS with bluetooth module included, dual band UHF/VHF digital DMR and analog with GPS included, analog and digital APRS, Roaming, has up to 250 personal iDs, 150,000 digital contacts, up to 250 zones, 4000 memories,... It has a maximum power of 7 W in VHF and 6 W in UHF, includes high capacity lithium-ion battery with 3100 mAh.

The Anytone AT-D878UV is a talky for the DMR digital system (compatible with MOTOTRBO Tier 1 and 2), it is also analog in FM. Unlike many other DMR equipment, the AT-D878UV offers real VFO function. With it, you can set the desired frequency and set it as you usually do instead of just accessing only pre-programmed memory channels. Of course, the ANYTONE D878UV also has memory channels,4000 to be exact. But you don't need to rely on pre-programmed channels. Another difference with other DMR equipment is that it has the possibility to change most of its parameters (not all). Therefore, you don't have to rely on a PC to make any configuration changes. However, there are certain parameters, such as the DMR ID, that you can only put with the free PC program.

New The AT-D878UV is the successor to the immensely popular D868UV. The novelty of this radio are, among other things, the APRS functions. The '878' has more internal program memory, allowing the manufacturer to incorporate more features into the software. For example, you can now configure all APRS parameters through the menu, there is no need to reschedule the code connector for such changes. And another new feature is roaming, that is, the function in which a repeater is automatically selected by checking the accessibility of repeaters from a predefined list of repeaters.

The AT-D878UV has many interesting features. You can memorize 4000 memories (digital and/or analog); 10000 groups or TGs and up to 150,000 contacts. In analog mode, you have functions such as DTMF, CTCSS and DCS as well as encoding with 2 or 5 tone signals. Also envio de tono available 1750 Hz tone shipping. The talky has 5 buttons to which you can assign certain functions, each user can adjust the talky according to their preferences. Its large 1.77" full color display has different intensity levels and looks good, even in sunlight. To save battery life, the display light can turn off at the interval you choose.

It is also good to highlight the possibility to store multiple DMR ids. Therefore, this talky is suitable for professional environments and then, with another ID, for amateur radio bands. For example, multiple people can share it. The ANYTONE D878UV has a GPS receiver, so that, if you wish, it emits the location of the talky. The AT-D878UV is Bibanda with 2m (VHF) and 70cm (UHF), in both bands you can exit in analog or digital DMR. In addition, receive on commercial FM (WFM)to listen to your favorite stations. The emission power has 4 values, from 1 to 6w in VHF and 7w in UHF. The headset/microphone connection is compatible with KENWOOD or Wouxun. The antenna connector is SMA, Diamond antennas fit great, for example those of the "J" class. The programming cable is included with the talky, you won't have to search for it, the programming software is downloaded for free from the manufacturer's website.

  • AT-D878UV ANYTONE Features
  • 1.77 color display
  • 10-keys, 5 programmable buttons
  • Bibanda 2m/70cm (V/U, V/V, U/U)
  • Channel width 12.5/25 kHz (analog) or fixed 12.5 kHz (DMR)
  • Digital: DMR (Tier I/II) and analog FM
  • WFM 87.5 - 108 MHz reception
  • Up to 5 DMR Indicatives
  • 4000 Memories, 10000 Talkgroups, 150000 User Entries(Contacts)
  • 250 Zones (memory boxes)
  • Displays the ID (Indicative) of the stations
  • 2 slots and all color codes
  • Powers 1, 2.5, 5, 6 (UHF) / 7 (VHF) W
  • Automatic analog/digital mode recognition
  • 1750 Hz tone shipping
  • CTCSS squelch tone, DCS
  • Call with tone: DTMF, 2 tones, 5 tones
  • GPS receiver
  • New APRS on FM or DMR
  • New APRS settings per menu
  • Recording and retransmission of received signals (DMR only)
  • New Roaming (selection of a reachable repeater from a pre-defined list)
  • Vox
  • New Ready for Bluetooth option (see note).
  • IP54 protection
  • Compatible with accessories KENWOOD / Wouxun
  • 12v desktop charger for use at home or in the car
  • Delivery volume AT-D878UV
  • SMA antenna
  • 3100mAh LiIon Battery QB-44L
  • QPS-17 Feeder
  • QBC-45L desktop charger
  • Belt clamp
  • USB programming cable
  • Manual of use in English
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